About Us

AgricultureSrilanka.lk is the first of marketing web site create for Agriculture sector in srilanka.

This is the mostly import for srilankan farmers, all the agribusinesses and agro-entrepreneurs in srilanka.

All the agribusinesses and agro-entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka's agrochemical sector, medium and small scale, have access to agricultural services and products offered annually to local and foreign buyers and to the consumer community who are in need of various sectors of agriculture.

This year's issue is to identify the producers / entrepreneurs / agricultural institutions who can easily purchase the agro products and services they need. In addition to this, we publish the Agriculture Sri Lanka.lk comprehensive collection of agriculture knowledge, including a series of timely important agricultural texts written and presented by experts in our field of agriculture. Nowadays, most of the small and medium sized enterprises in our country's agriculture sector are already doing business on the internet, even though computers, smart phones, etc. can be accessed online, not only in our country, but also in the world. Full knowledge There are may be an absence group.

There will also be a large number of consumers who are in need of agricultural services and products, as well as a group that is not yet fully equipped with modern technology. Therefore, it was decided to offer this service to the consumers, agricultural entrepreneurs and consumers through an annual magazine, which is essentially a print medium. You can access our print magazine on electronic media in the same way by accessing www.agriculturesrilanka.lk for all the information you need, from agriculture knowledge, agriculture services and all the agro-entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs island wide.